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Organic Cultivation – From Dream to Reality

Organic Cultivation From Dream to Reality Interview with Dr. Isaac Nir, Founder and Owner  Sales in the hobby and semi-professional markets, and particularly in the home gardening sector, have skyrocketed this “Covid-19 year” showing a 30% increase of consumption. Gardening is actually an escape for people who are forced to remain close to home for an extended time. Gardening combines many advantages – it provides occupation, constitutes therapy and finally rewards with edible produce. In an era of growing vegetables and herbs for private consumption, the organic aspect is increasingly important since it involves food that we consume, which we

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All the way to Prospera ®

All the way to Prospera®​ The brand of downy mildew resistant basils​ Interview with Dr. Yariv Ben-NaimSweet basil is one of the most widely used herbs in the kitchens world-wide. Israel, as a major exporter of herbs to Europe, is a large grower of Basil. In 2012 Israel’s basil sector was hit, for the first time, with a new leaf fungus called Downy-Mildew (Peronospora). The damage was so heavy that it was defined as an epidemic. This disease had spread through Europe and the U.S. several years earlier, and was found on basil plants in Israeli greenhouses. The disease symptoms

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Two pot basils resistant to downy-mildew developed (Horti Daily / January 2021)​

Two pot basils resistant to downy-mildew developed Horti Daily / January 2021 After years of research and development, and close cooperation with Genesis Seeds and Bar Illan University, company Fenix has brought into the market the world’s first two downy-mildew resistant hybrids specifically designed for pots production: BASILIO F1 and GERVASO F1 (from the Prospera® genetic family). Read full article.

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