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Soil Biofumigation

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  Mustard Terminator
For Soil Biofumigation

Performs as green manure cultivation before production. Very effective treatment as bio fumigant against: Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Colletotrichum, Verticillium and Nematodes. Samples are available, commercial supply starts Fall 2015.

About Soil Biofumigation
The term is related to the use of bioactive Brassicaceae to reduce pathogenic soil diseases. Green manure cultivation of specific varieties of Brassicaceae like: Eruca sativa and Mustard Red Giant results a significance reduction of sustainable sclerotium of Rhizoctonia, Verticillium and Fusarium.

Among other soil cultivation methods like solar and fungicide treatment, Biofumigation can be an additional harmless tool to growers (organic and conventional) to reduce some of the major soil pathogens.

Genesis is continuously investigating this field in order to develop an assortment of active green manures from soil cultivation.

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