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The Advantages of Growing Seed in Israel
Dedicated to producing only the highest quality seed, Genesis Seeds deliberately located its headquarters in Israel to take full advantage of that country's many micro-climates.

Israel’s wide range of temperatures and soil types create a diverse set of growing environments ideal for almost every seed variety.

Israeli seed producers boast a world-renowned reputation for superior and high-tech agricultural technologies.
Israeli seed producers have gained expertise in production of F-1 hybrid seed, in both open field and greenhouse.
Pure growing environment, natural micro-climates that suit year-round seed production, insect-free, pathogen-free, particularly in the Negev and Arava areas.
Frost-free micro-climates offer opportunity for two crops a year.
Year-round research and testing to develop new seed varieties and quality standards.
Co-operation with other Israeli vegetable seed companies.
Co-operation with the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) Vulcani Center.
Expertise in drip irrigation and other production methods to maximize seed yields.
Israel’s central location makes it the perfect springboard to European, Asian and North American markets.
Israel is the preeminent gateway to the markets of the Middle East.
Superior communication and transportation technologies offer reliable, constant distribution and delivery.

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